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The Perfect Borderland State Park Engagement Session by MA Wedding Photographer.

This past winter I participated in my first ever bridal show; that is where I met Alex & Desi. We chatted briefly; however, if you have ever been to or participated in a bridal show you know that it is FLOODED with brides and grooms and vendors so you dont get to REALLY connect with everyone in the way you'd like.

Even though we only have a moment to chat Alex & Desi kept an active eye on my facebook page!

Shortly after there show I announced I would be giving away a FREE engagement session (score!) after submitting their proposal/love story I knew they were a perfect fit with Janae Elisa Photography and the mission I have to capture REAL love between REAL couples. So they won (double score!)

Lucky for me- my instincts were right and the three of us clicked instantly. We bonded over champagne toast, a really long trail hike to a magical bridge, the possibility of me falling backwards into a lake to get "the shot", and the face Alex would make if he was being chased by a zombie.

We finished the night talking about the vision of their perfect wedding at Granite Links Golf Club - Spoiler alert, their wedding is going to be beautiful- and having me join them on their special day! EEK- TRIPLE SCORE!

Thank you Alex & Desi for sharing your love story with me, I can not wait to capture the rest of it with you two! 💜


The Proposal:

"On a cold, yet sunny Sunday, Desi was under the impression that Alex was taking her to a birthday lunch in the North End. Little did she know that Alex had been planning something else. The day began with a meeting between Alex and his family to collect the ring that they had been holding for the week. From there, Alex and Desi went to the gym but Alex was too nervous to workout. After pretending to workout, Alex met Desi after Zumba class and headed to Bruegger's. After a delicious breakfast, they went home. In typical Desi fashion, it took her forever to get ready for lunch. Once Alex finally got Desi moving, they ended up hitting traffic and had to "push" the reservation back for the restaurant. Upon arrival in Boston, Alex thought it would be a good idea to take a birthday picture by the water. Desi insisted on Alex leaving the birthday gift bag in the car as she had no idea that there was an engagement ring in the bag! Alex and Desi walked to the waterfront which was the same location of their first kiss almost 5 years prior. With an emotional speech and a few kind words, Alex got on one knee and asked Desi for her hand in marriage. That's when Emily (Alex's sister) popped out and continued to take photos of the big moment. Alex revealed that his mom and Aunt Marsha were waiting nearby at a restaurant to celebrate. When they got to the Hard Rock and turned the corner, 20 of their closest friends and family were there to celebrate this momentous day. As Desi and Alex wrapped up a fun day with their friends and families, they realized this was the beginning of the adventure to a wedding and the rest of their lives!"

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